An Easter Story

Signs of Hope

Two years ago on Easter Sunday, I was working in my Living Light Gallery at my Tukurua property in Golden Bay.

That day I was feeling alone, overworked, and overwhelmed with my life choices….including my business “Living Light”.

It was a quiet morning and then around lunchtime an elderly, white haired, pleasantly plump, well-dressed woman walked in the door. For the sake of the story I will call her “Hope”. I felt a special presence as soon as she entered, and immediately thought she had just come from church.

As I greeted her, our eyes met and again a feeling of someone special had just entered my gallery. Her warm motherly smile gave solace to my thoughts. She moved around the gallery with sincere interests, picking up candles, admiring and enjoying the individual scents. I began sharing knowledge of our products and walked over close to where she was positioned. After a minute or two she turned and looked straight into my eyes and said with tender certainty: “Darling, you are making many people happy with your candles.”

The significance of her comment touched me deeply and I instantly gave her a big hug. It was a beautiful moment.

A few more customers entered the gallery and I proceeded to give them my attention as she was collecting her purchases.

“Hope” purchased $150.00 worth of candles and before leaving she pointed to one of the Icicle Candles burning on the display table a few meters away, and said: “ Darling, I think you should get your camera and take a photo of this candle.” I acknowledged I would do so after serving my customer at the counter, and bid her goodbye.

After I finished serving my customer, I went over to the icicle candle, with my iphone in hand and this is what I saw.

Tears swelled up, realizing something very magical had just occurred on that Easter Sunday in my gallery.

I instantly got the message of affirmation and hope.

A sign telling me my path had purpose, and not to give up but to give in, and to know that I had all I needed to create success and joy in my life.

Almost two years later and life has blossomed in such a beautiful way ~ a supportive loving husband (recently married), a vibrant company, run by talented, passionate, committed employees, and a new puppy!

My gratitude toward “Hope” is a light still burning in my heart.

Love & Light,



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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this story :)

Graham May 04, 2020

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