How to Accessorise your Interior with Candles - Part 3

Having looked at a few ideas around colour choices for using candles to complement and enhance your interior in Parts1 & 2 of this series, we are finishing up with a look at scale, size and the idea of grouping, when deciding which Living Light Candles to chose for your home.

Considering the element of scale or proportion can really make a difference to the overall effect your candle choice makes in your interior.

 For example, in a large open living space, a single Tea Light or Votive candle is going to be a bit lost, whereas a Globe Lantern or group of Large Icicles will be more in keeping with the scale of the room. It is also useful to look not just at the size of the room, but at the scale and proportion of where the candles are displayed. For instance, a Large Globe Lantern may overwhelm a small side table, but a Mini Globe Lantern or collection of Tea Lights may be more in proportion in that situation.

Grouping is another way to create a coherent approach to the display of your candles. When grouping items, it can be helpful to keep some element of the objects the same e.g. colour, shape, texture, tonal value (unless of course you want to achieve contrast!). For example, a collection of objects with a similar shape can give the appearance of appropriate scale when seen together such as a large dining table with a collection of objects such as varying round vases, with pillar candles in different sizes.

Of course there are many, many choices that can be made with no single "right" option in any situation. Ultimately the most important factor really is that it is pleasing to you, feels good and (hopefully) makes you smile!

 This large scale cabinet looks balanced and in proportion with the collection of Living Light Large Purple Icicles and other objects in similar tonal values and textures displayed on it.

The fine lines and small size of this bedside table feel harmonious with this display of glass tea light holders containing Living Light Golden Sand Tea Lights, as they have similar colour and tonal value, with enough variety of texture to still be interesting

Competition Details

We would love to see how you use Living Light Candles in ways that enhance your interiors.  To enter, just share pics of your favourite setting featuring Living Light Candles.

We will be awarding one $200 Living Light online Gift Voucher for the "people's choice" - so get your friends to vote and another $200 Living Light online Gift Voucher for the setting judged by us for its design merits. 

We are currently posting a fortnightly 3 part series on Accessorising your Interior with Candles, written by our in-house Interior Decor Consultant, so be sure to check out our blog for some tips and ideas to inspire you.

Entries close 18 November 2016


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