How to Accessorise your Interior with Candles - Part 2

Following on from the first instalment in this 3 part series of tips on how to use Living  Light Candles to enhance your interior, I want to share a few more ideas around colour choices. So get inspired by our tips and check out our Competion page and be in to WIN one of 2 x $200 Living Light Gift Vouchers.

To easily create a cohesive feel in your environment you can choose to use colours that are alongside each other on a colour wheel. Such colours are naturally harmonious and therefore a simple way of introducing colours to an existing scheme that you know will ‘work’.

EXAMPLE: The freshly tweaked Aqua Living Light candles could readily be added to a room with yellow and green hues already present.

Hint: using colours alongside each other on a colour wheel is known as ‘analogous’ and feels balanced and interesting when they are used in differing amounts around the room. 

As well as those covered in Part 1, there are a few other theoretical colour schemes, which are more involved, so we won’t go into those for now.


 Another important idea to consider when creating appealing and inspiring interiors is that of “tonal value” - which simply put, means lighter and darker tints and shades of colours.

If your interior has a lot of different colours going on, one way to bring it together is using similar tonal values in the colours.

EXAMPLE: Living Light Dark Red, Purple and Black have similar tonal values. Here we have shown these with a range of objects in various colours - all with a similar depth of colour (mid to low tonal value). 

In an interior with fewer colours present, having a range of tonal variation helps keep it feeling interesting and alive.

EXAMPLE: A soothing blue-green bedroom, painted in Resene Reservior with varying depths of similar colour present in the duvet and bedside drawers, adding Living Light Aqua Icicles brings in another depth with the bonus of additional texture & pattern!

Competition Details

We would love to see how you use Living Light Candles in ways that enhance your interiors. To enter, just share pics of your favourite setting featuring Living Light Candles.

We will be awarding one $200 Living Light online Gift Voucher for the “people’s choice” - so get your friends to vote and another $200 Living Light online Gift Voucher for the setting judged by us for its design merits.

We are currently posting a fortnightly 3 part series on Accessorising your Interior with Candles, written by our in-house Interior Decor Consultant, so be sure to check out our blog for some tips and ideas to inspire you.

Entries close 18 November 2016

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