Tips for Burning Your Candle

how to burn a candle


You may well have thought that burning a candle was as simple as putting a match to a wick... this may be true for birthday candles but there is a bit more to it, if you want to get the most out of your candle. In fact, the better you prepare a candle, the longer you’ll enjoy it.


Living Light Candles create luxurious, hand-made candles in a range of beautiful colours and fragrances. Each candle comes with burning instructions but here are a few extra tips that will help your candle burn better and for longer . . .


The first time you light one of our candles, allow the wick to burn for 3-4 hours in a draught-free environment before you extinguish it. This is referred to as creating the ‘memory’ of the candle and will mean that the second and subsequent times that you use your candle, it will burn better.


Whilst it’s nice to think of a candle holding onto fond memories of everything it experiences, the slightly more practical reason for this initial burn relates to the way a burning wick interacts with the surrounding wax. As the candle burns, the wax around the wick melts and the longer you burn it (within reason), the more the perimeter of the melted wax will expand. When you extinguish the candle, the wax will set – and the next time you use the candle, this will be the form the wax will remain in. If you have set the ‘memory’ of the candle correctly, on subsequent burnings the wick will have access to more fuel, so will burn better and for longer.


If however, you were to burn the candle for only a short period of time when you first used it, when you extinguish the flame you will be left with a narrow, steep-sided crater with the wick in the middle. From then on, every time you lit the candle, the heat and melted wax would remain within this crater, which would get deeper rather than broader, leaving solid wax that cannot be burned. This would reduce the number of hours your candle would burn for.


Burning a candle in a draught-free environment helps to ensure the flame stays vertical with the heat spreading out evenly to melt the wax on all sides.


Living Light Candles are hand-made in Golden Bay, NZ from the highest quality ingredients. Following these simple tips will help you truly appreciate the qualities of our exquisite candles.


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