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Why Choose Well-Being?

By Ngaire Fisher ~ Product Developer

That’s what I asked myself when I was asked to write this. So, it’s a good question, right? The truth is our lives are really, really busy – that’s just how it is these days for most people. It’s also true that to perform our best, to be our best, to feel our best, we need time-out to rest, reflect, relax, to ultimately feed our souls.

Our Well-Being range was developed for just this reason using the therapeutic properties of essential oils to support you in being relaxed, refreshed and revived. Put these properties together with the mesmerizing quality of watching a glowing flame or immersing yourself in the health benefits of Magnesium Chloride, and we think you’d have to agree, it’s a match made in heaven.

My personal favourites of the collection would have to be….

  • Revive in the Bath Crystals – I just love this sweet and tangy citrus blend for bathing in.
  • Refresh in the Metro Jars – I find this to be such a versatile candle and use it everywhere in my home for its freshness and cleansing qualities.
  • Relax in the Organi Pillar Candle – there’s something naturally meditative about gazing at the beautiful patterns of the plant wax that is for me the perfect match with the soothing and calming effect of Lavender

I know how important looking after my Well-Being is, I make it a priority and those around me know it! So what about you, do you take the time to soak in a bath infused with our smooth and softening Bath Crystals? Or meditate in front of a Pillar Candle? Or even just simply refresh your space burning a Metro Jar while enjoying a glass of wine?

We’d love to hear your take on the Well-Being collection, how you use it, what are your favourites, and why.

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