Christmas 2023

Set the mood of Christmas with our exquisite home fragrance and candles.

Fragrance of Festive Pine ~  Awaken and nurture your festive spirit. Fresh green pine, laced with exotic spices and amber.  Scent Family: Oriental

 Fragrance of Moreish ~ An evocative, mouth-watering and decadent blend.  Creamy, caramel, moreish - need we say more!  Scent Family: Oriental

Candles Gifts with Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrap

Festive Pine Icicle Candles | Living LightChristmas Candles | Festive Pine Icicles by Living Light

Festive Pine Icicles

From $41.90
Festive Pine Room Spray | Living LightChristmas Scented Room Spray | Festive Pine | Living Light

Festive Pine Room Spray

Caramel Scented Candle - Moreish by Living LightChristmas Candle - Moreish by Living Light

Moreish Soy Candle Large

Christmas Candle | Mini Moreish Candle Moreish, Mini Soy Candle | Living Light

Moreish Soy Candle Mini

Moreish Room Spray by Living LightChristmas Collection - Moreish Room Spray | Living Light

Moreish Room Spray


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