These last few years, our focus on sustainability has been the forefront of our focus.Our team takes great pride and committed, to reducing our footprint on the environment.


Zero waste entails maximizing the reuse of materials at the end of their useful life. 

Although we are not Zero waste it is our pledge to inspire reuse of our containers through our marketing and brand awareness.

All of our ingredients is used with very little wastage. 

Any unusable items are made available to the community to be turned into something “useable”.  Eg….our outdated wicks have been turned into plant holders and macrame artwork. Our candle Jars into toothbrush holders, pot plant containers etc.

Our packaging from other suppliers is recycled.

Packaging Design:

Our packaging and glassware is designed to be reused or recycled.

General Packaging:

All of our orders are shipped in recyclable cardboard and  padded when necessary with recycled shredded paper.


We use glass for our candle containers, reed diffuser containers and room sprays as it is sustainable and natural packaging.

Bulk Purchasing:

We purchase our raw materials in bulk amounts which reduces shipments and carbon emissions significantly.