Diffuser Range

We've created four gorgeous fragrances to share with you: Citrus Peel & Sage for lemony, herby freshness; Grape Blossom for the heady scent of early summer, Luxury Rose for lovers of fragrant gardens and Plum & Pomegranate for mellow fruitfulness all year round. Choose your mood, pick your fragrance and fill your life with the scent of good things to come.

Granite Range

Made of natural Plant & NZ Bees wax, the sparkling crystalline structure creates a unique paper-like shell as these candles burn. Our granite range is long-burning, soot-free and lavishly fragranced.

Soy Range

Pure Soy wax plus exquisite fragrance and essential oil blends, are combined to create our most luxurious candles. Soy wax holds more fragrance than any other wax giving the finest  aroma experience.