Creating bespoke fragrances is at the core of what we do. Each fragrance is the result of many years of research and feedback from our customers. We have refined our scent families based on your favourites, a perfect palette of scents to suit a variety of discerning tastes.


What our customers say

"The most beautiful candles, room sprays and body lotion. We just spent a lovely 1/2 hour with the owner of living light and she is as lovely as the product she has created. We have been buying these candles for over 10 years and never been disappointed." – Jill
"I LOVE this shop, such amazing friendly staff! The candles and other products are of such high qualit. I am proud to have this wonderful shop in our region! Keep it up ladies" – Nicole

Creating a New Scent

Creating a scent is magical but challenging! Intuition, along with years of experience, are our main tools and over the last 22 years we have built up a vast fragrance library of essential oils and perfume fragrances. Many of our scents are not just a single submission but consist of a layering of fragrances. Coming up with ‘the one’ is like finding a needle in a haystack - it may take 100 samples before getting to a scent we all absolutely adore and simply must include in our collection. We also test amongst a number of our customers to ensure they feel the same way as we do. Our customers' favourite scent notes are the starting point when it comes to designing a new fragrance.