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Create Your Cozy Starting With These Home Essentials

A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment with my Fiance. Once the lease was signed, we began talking about how to combine our belongings. We thought about the furniture we’d keep, what needed replaced and how we’d best utilize the additional space in our new place.

At times, everything seemed a bit overwhelming. Do we go with a mid-century modern or traditional theme? How do we create the perfect balance of feminine and masculine? How do I lovingly tell my Fiance that his beloved comforter just has to go? Although there were a ton of decisions that left one of us making a sacrifice, there was one aspect of a home that we both full-heartedly agreed on. And that was making our new place feel cozy.

Since home decor is more of my realm, it only took some minor persuading to get full control of creating cozy in our new place. Don’t get me wrong - I definitely kept my fiance’s opinion in consideration when choosing some basic essentials. But ultimately, I chose items that made our living space a place I’d never want to leave.

    1. Throw Blankets - I’m a huge fan of neutrals and earth tones. If you are too, there are other ways to get creative without dabbling into crazy colors. Consider mixing textures and fabrics, like faux furs and knits. I like to have a variety on hand and keep them stashed in a woven basket for an extra layer of decor!
    2. Candles - I go through candles quicker than anything. Not only do I love the soft light brightening up a dark room, but I love once the scent fills up the room and I’ve landed in my happy place. Do you have an open fireplace? Think about filling up the space with multiple candles in various sizes. It’s guaranteed to bring warmth and coziness into your home.

Seasonal Flowers - When most people think of fresh flowers, Spring and Summer are the two seasons that come to mind. But don’t be fooled! There are certain flowers that thrive in the fall, such as Oriental Lilies and Chrysanthemums. Keeping flowers in your home will provide a sweet taste of sunshine and keep your decor festive.


LED Lights - I just recently hopped on the LED light bandwagon. LED lights come in many colors and forms, so you’ll most definitely start to see festive options as the holidays approach, but there are more basic year-round options as well. Spice up your living room corner with light-up lanterns or wrap your headboard with glimmer string lights for an extra dose of warmth all throughout your home.


Whether you have one or all of these essentials, creating cozy is whatever you make it!. At the end of the day, your living space is a representation of you and your style. Tell us below - how do you create cozy in your home?

Everything You Need to Know About Soy Wax!

Everything You Need to Know About Soy Wax and Why It Should Be the Only Type of Candle in Your Home

There’s nothing I love more than setting flame to a brand new candle, sitting back and waiting for the anticipated aroma to fill my home. My candle collection varies from fruity and fresh to musty and masculine. I like options since I never know what mood I’ll be in that day.

But I have to be honest. I’ve always been too focused on the scent of my candles that I never took the time to research how they were made or what ingredients they contain. I was horrified when I learned what chemicals I was bringing into my living environment, and more importantly, into the air I breathe!

If you too don’t know the nuances of candle making, look no further. I’ve rounded up the most important differences between soy and paraffin candle wax that will blow your mind.

1.) It’s Cleaner Burning

Natural 100% Soy Wax contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. So unlike petroleum-based paraffin candles, you won’t get any of that petrol-carbon soot in the air.  Do you ever find yourself getting headaches or your allergies flaring up after lighting a paraffin candle? Guess what – soy wax won’t leave those nasty side effects.

2.) It’s Longer Lasting

What’s worse than watching your favorite candle lose its flame? The good news is, soy wax burns much longer than a paraffin candle. Since soy burns cooler, you’ll get to enjoy your soy candle anywhere from 30-50% longer. Longer last candles means less spending for you!

3.) Better Scent

Phthalate-free and essential oils are often used to create the scent in soy candles. Because soy is a slower burn, it gradually releases the scent vs. an immediate overpowering wave. To top that, soy wax “throws” scent better making it much more pleasant. Sign me up!

4.) It’s a Renewable Resource

I’ve really taken an interest in doing my part to improve the environment. I’ve ditched the plastic straws for metal and invested in reusable k-cups and coffee grounds. Since soy candles are made from a renewable resource, it’s much more friendly to the environment. Not to mention – a much smarter (and healthier) choice for your home!

Now that you’re up to speed on all the amazing benefits of soy wax, I recommend ditching any paraffin candles left in your home and checking out some of our favorite soy wax candles from Tule Fog. You won’t regret it!

Reed Diffusers Are a Total Home Game-Changer

What if I told you there’s a way to instantly freshen up your home without an open flame or even the use of electricity? Now there is, with Tule Fog’s brand new reed diffusers!

Reed diffusers are taking home aroma by storm due to their pleasing aesthetic and low maintenance upkeep. Unlike candles, the oils evaporate through the reed so there is no output of smoke or an open flame to worry about. Once the reed is placed into the oil base, they constantly produce a fresh scent day and night. Believe me, there is no downside!

Tule Fog now offers a line of home diffusers available in nine scents, including their brand new Holiday Collection - Bayside Holly, Tahoe Lights, and Spice Cascade. But in typical Tule Fog fashion, not only do the diffusers look good, they’re also certifiably safe!

Through extensive research, the Tule Fog team found that a lot of  bases in other reed diffusers have high levels of VOC’s, or Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC’s are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. (Click here to read more about VOC’s) Rest assured, TF diffusers are made will all non-toxic ingredients and are safe in all areas of your home.

In addition to safety, the Tule Fog team knew how important it was to create an efficient product that not only lasts, but produces the best output. TF’s oils move up the reed easily so it doesn’t take days to get the desired scent. All you need to do is open the bottle, place the reeds inside and you’ll have a beautiful scent for 2-3 months! Talk about a win-win!

Tule Fog Reed Diffusers come in a beautiful 10-inch glass jar with six reeds. This classic, clean look is sure to make a statement in any room in your home. Head over to Tule Fog to check out the brand new collection!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Home, Mind and Soul 
Spring is right around the corner and I could not be more excited! After months of hibernation and adding Christmas presents to my (already) overstuffed drawers, I can't think of a more perfect time to show my home and myself the respect it deserves with the ultimate cleaning detox.
The thought of a total cleaning overhaul can be a bit overwhelming. To make things easier, I put together a list of my favorite ways to declutter and destress and, as Marie Kondo would say, "spark joy" in your life! 
1.) Tidy Up 
We live in a world with access to anything and everything. Before we know it, our drawers are overstuffed and our closets are overflowing. But there's a reason Marie Kondo has her own show! Her tidying up method works. If you're ready to try the KonMari method, follow the tips below: 
  • Tidy all at once
  • Visualize the destination
  • Determine if the item “sparks joy”
  • Tidy by category, not location
  • Tidy In Order

2.) Make it Sparkle 
Now that you've decluttered, I have a sneaking suspicion you've uncovered some unwanted, and maybe even unnoticed, dirt and dust. With less clutter in your way, cleaning becomes much easier. Now is a great opportunity to: 
  • Vaccum, sweep, or mop
  • Wash walls, baseboards and molding
  • Wipe down mirrors and counters 
  • Deep clean oven
  • Dust shelves, light fixtures and other surfaces 
3.) Freshen Up  
My favorite part of spring cleaning! Use this as an opportunity to freshen up the blank canvas you just made for yourself. It's not always in the budget to do a complete redesign, so start small! 
  • House Plants - Plants make for a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. There are so many beautiful options that bring zen to any space. Some of Tule Fog's favorites are the Majesty Palm and the Snake Plant. Lacking a green thumb? No worries! There are a ton of artificial plants that look just like the real thing. 

  • Home Fragrance - What's a better way to freshen up a space than with scent? Tule Fog just released a brand new scent, Agave + Citron, which will make you feel like you're soaking up the sun with beach waves by your side. With invigorating notes of bergamot, lemon and lime, this scent is guaranteed to be the icing on your spring-cleaning cake!


  • Wall Art -  You would be shocked at how one piece of wall art can change the vibe of a room. Print out some of your favorite photos or bite the bullet on that piece of art you've been looking at. You deserve it! 
4.) Recharge and Reset 
Now that you've got your home in order, don't forget to give yourself the same TLC. Take some time for yourself to unwind. Whether it be at a local neighborhood cafe you've been meaning to get to or giving yourself 30 extra minutes in the day for "you time," taking care of your wellbeing is a must! 
What are your favorite tips and tricks for spring cleaning? Tell us below!