Our Brand

A strong brand identity:

We have created a strong brand identity that embodies our philosophy, one that our customers consistently recognise around the world for its uniqueness and quality.

Our labels and packaging reflect our commitment to design and we honour our environmental goals through the use of recycled/reused materials where possible.

We actively develop awareness of our products through media promotion, our website and social media tools. These tools, along with our own concept stores, factory tours and candle making classes, also give us the opportunity to have a direct relationship with our customers and continually benefit from their feedback.

Supporting our stockists:

Once our selected core stockists are part of the Living Light family, we work hard to understand their needs and ensure their growth.

We do this by providing:

  • Custom display stands
  • Merchandising advice (or direct assistance where possible)
  • Quality imagery and promotional material
  • Staff product education and candle care information
  • Promotional offers (3 per year)